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We are Exporters and Supplier Agents of Australian building materials that are prefabricated and shipping out as Kit Homes.

Research shows that with new technologies surrounding Australian steel, we can produce the perfect product that meets the construction standards of the Pacific Islands, North Africa and Europe.

This new technology allows us to have the skeleton of the house in Steel Frame, classified to the current norms to each zone in our exporting countries. Our system calculates exact quantities for all internal and external facings in cladding creating new and modern designs to suit all tastes.

Thanks to our partner Bluescope the largest producer of aluminum, galvanized steel, our homes are exceptional, and there concept makes assembly speed flexibility in design.

We have partnered with Mega Anchor Australia for North Africa, EU and parts of Asia for Exclusivity on there foundation system. This has proven to be top of it’s league in the foundations of the future. Quick and easy we save on time and money from the old school ways of using concrete pillars.

Engineers have created the machine tools and high-performance software; organisation and relentless logistics have managed to hold their price targets.

Our concept of combining top grade materials to suit all types of infrastructure we are able to export of residential, commercial, educational, government, military and industrial buildings.

Restrictions are not in our dictionary, if we don’t have it we will source it for you.

Mr Gilles Grisanti
Site supervisor and Head International communicator
+61 447770375
Ms Estelle Grisanti
Head of Administration and Logistics
Mobile : 0406000774

Questions and Answers

Q / Do you provide a plan?

A / We have a large selection plan, 1-4bed plans, on request we can send you by email. If you want to provide a customised plan, make sure that it is done by an architect or design office.

Q / How long does it take to receive a quote?

A / If you have provided a definitive plan and that your plan does not include any change, we will prepare an estimate of your Australian kit within 2 weeks.

Q / How long does it take for my kit to be delivered?

A / On the time of first deposit we start the ordering process your kit is loading into the shipping container in a very specific manner, imagine a tetris game.  This transition takes approximately 2 months to time of order to Customs Clearance and delivery. Larger time applies of large projects.

Q / Is your external cladding only Bricks?

A / No…we have several different options to choose from:

Hebel Panels
Wink (Weathertex)


Our team has over 10 years of experience in Export of Australian kit homes in New Caledonia and Europe. We continue to deliver quality homes around the world.

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