April 23, 2020

Oliver- Guadeloupe

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April 23, 2020

irst project to a new country “Guadeloupe”. Project Oliver is ready to start the loading process the plans have been drawn, the materials have been ordered it is time to start the coordination of the deliveries. This job is going to be different to all our previous jobs we have had to adjust our framing and windows to the recommended norms to C4. Guadeloupe is situated in the middle of the Caribbean waters and can receive cyclonic winds of upto 300km/ph because of these harsh conditions our homes will have been calculated to withstand these environmental conditions. Meaning more steel and heaver windows.

  Our deliveries start with our 20″ shipping container provided by our shipping agent whom we have worked with for many years Aussie Freight continue to provide us with excellent service, this is then followed by our bricks delivered from Austral Bricks manufactured in Australia these quality bricks are our leading external cladding in Australia. Boral plasterboard is the next delivery supplying us with quality plasterboard, cornices and villaboard.

Ultimate steel framing is our number one supplier manufacturing our pre-cut TrueCore framing system the sturdy bones of every home we export, they are also the supplier of our Colorbond roofing. Our client is starting to get excited as we provide him with videos and photos of the loading of his home. Malone Glass is our C4 windows supplier and they supply some of the most stunning windows, heavy duty and powder coated aluminium frame. And finally as we come to the end of our loading Bunnings has been the final order to arrive, there products is what we see in the final stages of construction in a home, they provide us with the beautiful Entrance doors that give the final touch to every curb appeal, the skirtings, internal doors, door handles, architraves, and all our adhesives and attachments.   


The loading is finalised, the container has been sprayed and sealed. Export documents have been completed it is ready to be collected. No matter how many times i see it happen i am always excited when the truck comes to collect, all that hard work over the months comes to this moment when our clients home is on its way!.

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